Community Involvement

Community Commitment

Daniel Robins, owner of Danny’s Dumpsters is a proud dedicated member of his community. In Daniels 10+ year Law Enforcement tenure, he found out how important it is to be active and supportive in his community, striving for nothing short of excellence. Although injuries cut Daniels law enforcement career short, his leadership continues in the community.

His strong worth ethic, dedication, integrity, and moral aptitude is now carried over in a pursuit to positively serve the residents through his business. Danny’s Dumpsters offer not only DISCOUNTED Service Rates to Active and Retired Military, Police and Fire / First Responders, he also offers the same DISCOUNT to the residents of his community, THE TOMOKA FARMS VILLAGE. The Tomoka Farms Village is a bed-room community located in the Port Orange, FL. which spans from Towns West Blvd. on Tomoka Farms Rd. all the way south to Pioneer Trail. Daily, Daniel maintains the “For the Village” community Facebook page to keep the residents up to speed with what’s happening in the community. Monthly, Daniel takes pride in hosting “For the Village” Community orientated meetings that works closely with our local law enforcement.

He addresses local crime, community projects, issues, needs, local growth, supporting local businesses, and strengthening our community’s infrastructure as it grows. Danny’s Dumpsters in honored to serve and be part of the community.